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For small businesses

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Bespoke designs powered by WordPress

Choose a Plan that Works for You

All of our plans have absolutely no hidden fees.

What we do

We're here to design beautiful, responsive websites for small businesses. Our prices are affordable for businesses that offer products or services, or both.

With 25 combined years of experience, we have the knowledge to develop and deliver the solutions you need.

Web Design

Graphic design, SEO, design for user experience, interface design, typography and readability all go into making an amazing layout.

Brand Identity

We build websites that identify and distinguish your brand. Consistent brand identity improves sales and promotes your business.

Web Development

We leverage inter-disciplinary skills in web development, such as security, accessibility, search engine optimisation, and e-commerce.

Image Editing

Whether using a simple smartphone or professional DSLR, you need to get the most out of your images. We can help you achieve it.


UX Research

We pay careful attention to the look and feel of navigational elements, ensuring the best possible user experience for visitors to your website.

Business Strategy

Your business strategy will be at the forefront of our designs, allowing us to seamlessly integrate the website's capabilities with your own goals.

Six simple steps to get your business online

Our design process.

1. Choose a Package

We operate a fixed fee structure. Once you have decided on the website design package that best suits your business, you can start the process by completing the form on the ‘Our Plans’ page.


2. Complete Research Form

On the Project Research Form form you can tell us about any creative and technical requirements you have for your website. We take into account all of these requirements when setting out a time scale.

3. Development Schedule

Once we’ve reviewed your Project Research Form, we will create a unique design concept for your website based on the nature of your business and your suggestions on colour scheme and other aesthetic elements.

4. Initial Design

When we’re happy with the work we’ve done, we’ll send you link to the initial design. You can then inform us of any changes you’d like made that will improve the design. You might want us to try other colours, images, or fonts.


5. Design Revisions

After we get your feedback, we’ll carry out the revisions and show you what we’ve done. We will keep making adjustments until we arrive at the perfect design.

6. Final Approval

Once the design has been finalised, you’ll have a final opportunity to review the website. If you are happy with everything, then the project is complete and your website will be made available on the Internet.

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Beautiful designs for every small business.

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Beautiful designs for every small business.

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Beautiful designs for every small business.

Generating New Ideas. Addressing the Digital Gap.

Despite living in an era where nearly everything we need can be found on the internet, a majority of small businesses in Britain don't yet have their own website.


probability of small business growth with a website


of British shoppers prefer to make purchases online


of micro-businesses are not equipped for the digital era


of all online traffic is generated through mobile phones

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What makes us different?

It is taken for granted in this digital era that everyone is online. However, we know that this is not the reality, as many of the smallest businesses are struggling to make the transition into that space, and this could potentially have a large impact on small business growth in the UK, and on economic growth as a whole.

At Red Tin Robin, we believe that it’s of great importance to recognise the impact that the gap in digital skills is having on small business growth, and to identify the ways in which these businesses could leverage digital skills to improve growth. We are well placed to act as the bridge for small businesses who are not yet experiencing the benefits of the digital era.

Our Skills

We believe in our strengths, and so will you.

While there are many differences between e-commerce and brick and mortar, there is one thing that remains the same: Making a success of e-commerce is fundamentally no different to brick and mortar – it requires time, planning and adherence to best practices. Whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first venture, there has never been a better time to explore the money-making potential of e-commerce, and at Red Tin Robin we're here to help you get onto that path.

  • Branding - 90%
  • UX Research - 77%
  • Interface Design - 85%
  • Image Editing - 75%
  • E-commerce - 95%

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