How we build your website

Running a small business can be exciting, and you will often find yourself managing multiple roles. A website designed by Red Tin Robin can help with time efficiency so that you can focus on what you do best, making your products or delivering your services.


What we do


We understand that your website is often the first contact that your customers will have with your brand, so it’s vital that it can stand out and present the story of your brand. But while aesthetics are important, they are not the only element required for a successful website. The user experience is vital and at Red Tin Robin we prioritise getting this done right.

Our approach to website design and development is one that prioritises the customer. The first step is researching and discovering your project goals. Once we have a clear picture, we’ll be able to draw up a project outline.

With a project outline defined, we’ll then create an example Information Architecture for you. An Information Architecture defines every avenue and path that a user can potentially take through a website. This includes navigation, application functions and behaviours, content, and flows.

With an IA available, it becomes much easier for us to make key decisions on features, understand how to increase the probability of guiding the user to take the desired actions, such as buying a product, initiating contact via a contact form, and so on.

The choices we make are based on the foundations of human-computer interaction or HCI, which explores the way people perceive and interact with digital content.

We’ll set up a project plan including milestones and work with you to ensure the project is kept on track.

Before we launch your website, we’ll perform rigorous testing to check for compatibility, responsiveness and usability.

Selling online

We offer everything you need for e-commerce, from storefront to checkout. Our solutions can display multiple product images, titles, categories, detailed descriptions, dimensions and materials, pricing, including discounts, sales, price structure, and upselling.

We can set up your online store by adding products and connecting a payment processor. If you sell services, you can set up workshops, seminars or appointments through the event manager.

Creating a blog or portfolio

A blog is a very simple way to reach out to your customers and provide the crucial messaging that defines your brand. It can connect you in a personal way with your online visitors. It is easy to create, publish, and manage content with our tools.

Blogs help you to:

  • explain your products in greater detail
  • promote new products
  • provide information to encourage your visitors to buy your products
  • personalise the visitor’s experience with updates on your upcoming project

A portfolio is similar to a blog. It is a sample of an artist’s work, which is great for commissions. Visitors to your website will be able to see a display of your work to get a feel for your style, before making a purchase decision.

Online booking

If you need to schedule meetings, seminars, or workshops, an online booking form and event manager is perfect. It displays images, dates and times, location, including maps, and your visitors can pay online prior to the event. A calendar can also be displayed so that the customers can see the order of the events before they take place.


SEO tools are great for helping to get your site seen.

Firstly, good SEO can improve your ranking on search engines, which can make it easier for your customers to find your website.

Secondly, we set relevant keyphrases for your content telling you how you can optimise your content to rank with this keyphrase. Lastly, our tools help you improve the readability of your content by providing feedback that you can incorporate into your writing style.

Contact Forms

What information would you like your customers to submit? We create custom forms to meet your needs. We understand that you don’t put a contact form on your website to get an inbox filled with spam from bots. Your contact form is a lead generation tool designed to capture interest from potential customers and provide a channel of communication and support for your existing customers.

Whether it’s simple or more complex forms, including the ability to securely recieve PDFs, images, and other documents, we can cover the full gamut.